Matrix 4D

Advanced Hair Removal System

Matrix 4D

A Disruptive Evolution

This state-of-the-art diode laser system is designed to deliver 3-dimensional hair removal results with precision, speed, and safety. It combines 4 lasers in 1: Alex 755nm, Diode 808nm, Diode 940nm, Yag 1064nm, which releases quadruple wavelengths laser simultaneously to target different depths of hair follicles for more effective results.

Matrix 4d
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Matrix heads

Treatment head advantages

Multiple head sizes on a single handle, with a magnetic connection strong enough to resist the unintended disconnects. More choices for different body areas.

- Large
- Medium
- Small
- Ear/Nose

Full Spectrum

755 nm

Maximum melanin absorption and shallow skin penetration. Perfect for thin and/or light hair and for hair whose root structure is not deep.

808 nm

The “classic” wavelength for hair removal. Medium melanin absorption and deeper skin penetration than 755nm. Perfect for most regular thickness hair possessing average root depth and color.

940 nm

Moderate melanin absorption and increased penetration. Perfect for dark hair whose roots are somewhat shallow.

1064 nm

Lower melanin absorption combines with the deepest penetration. Ideal for all types of dark hair which is deeply rooted in areas such as the back, scalp, armpits and pubic area.

matrix treatments

Heads ready for any zone

It delivers Ultra Short Pulse to heat hair follicles uniformly to an optimal temperature without heating the
epidermis. It provides maximum safety, comfort and efficiency treatments for all skin types.

Features and benefits

Collimator Lens Focus Beam

Collimate the light path, reduce the divergence angle of the beam, and turn the divergent light path into a parallel light path. Smoother the edges of the laser beam.

SuperLarge Spot Size

A unique and effective new applicator with an especially large spot size. This innovative applicator significantly reduces treatment times and ensures a more comfortable experience for patients.

LCD Touch Screen

Energy adjustment, pulse width adjustment, frequency adjustment and real-time temperature monitoring.

Magnetic Heads