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World’s First Cold and Fractional Plasma system

Plasmantis is the first plasma system with two disruptive technologies for skin treatment: Cold Plasma and Fractionated Plasma. It is a new generation of plasma system to treat a variety of problems related to the quality and texture of the skin.
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PLasmantis equipment
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Disruptive Innovation

Plasma treatments are the emerging trend for non-invasive, easy and painless skin rejuvenation. Aside from reducing the risk of side effects and downtime associated with laser technologies, it uses controlled plasma-containing energy to target skin areas without damaging it.

Plasma is produced by ionizing neutral gas molecules using energy in the form of electromagnetic fields. It stimulates the outer and deeper layer of the skin producing an important anti-age role on cells and triggering the body's wound-healing response to promote new collagen growth.

Multiple Treatments

One system

Plasmantis can treat a wide spectrum of skin concerns under different energy configurations, from soft and very light treatments to near to ablative results. 3 hand pieces ready to choose from.
The fractional system scan the energy similar to a fractional CO2 laser but avoiding the thermal and phisical damage.

Some Treatments:

-Treat acne, dermatitis and eczema.
-Refines pores.
-Reduce pigmentation.
-Promotes skin regeneration and elasticity.
-Eyelid lifting.
-Wrinkles and stretch marks.
-Scars reduction.
-Flagging skin and improvement of elasticity.
-Skin tone and texture.
-Fine lines

Cold plasma equipment
cold plasma

Atmospheric Cold Plasma Technology

  • At a superficial level it promotes the hydration, acidification and decontamination of the stratum corneum.
  • CAP-generated RONS can penetrate inside the skin via the intercellular way (inter), the intracellular way (intra) or via the transappendageal way (trans). By loosening the cutaneous barrier, CAP also promotes the absorption of other molecules such as drugs.
  • At a molecular level, once penetrated into the skin, RONS can have a direct effect on skin biomolecule oxidation or activate cell metabolism and signaling.
  • At the tissue level, CAP treatment lead to an increase in skin oxygenation, stimulates the vasculogenesis and the ECM remodeling or de-novo synthesis.

Features and benefits

Disruptive Technology

Cold-based and Fractional Plasma means a new opportunity in the field to offer consistent results under a safer treatment.

Minimum Downtime