Ultimate rejuvenation platform


The CO2 Laser Platform Reinvented

Fractal laser emits a wavelength of 10,600nm, targeting the water present in the tissues, producing its vaporization. It is one of the most widely used surgical lasers par excellence in the field of dermatology and aesthetic, as it achieves complete rejuvenation by acting at different levels. On the one hand, we get a vaporization of the superficial tissue and according to parameterization, we also get a stimulation of the fibroblasts, resulting in a redensification of the dermis.

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Different modes

The Fractal platform has three different modes: Fractional, vaginal and ablative or surgical.

Integrates unique innovations, such as its Ultra Pulsed, Super Pulsed and Fractional Skin Tightening technology.


In fractionated mode, it emits energy in an unfocused way and depending on the parameterization, we can perform soft exfoliations or deeper treatments and ablations, producing dermal regeneration due to thermal damage and, consequently, increasing production by regenerating collagen.



An innovative CO2 laser is applied by an automatic scanner along the vaginal walls to deliver very gentle, controlled ablation and coagulation of the vaginal lining for improved vaginal tightness and health.

Some conditions that can be treated

Vaginal atrophy after menopause or cancer treatments

Vaginal dryness or itching

Painful sexual intercourse

Vaginal laxity or looseness

Surgical or Ablative

In ablative mode, our co2 Fractal laser is a powerful and effective tool to treat all types of excrescent dermal and epidermal lesions. It presents high precision when used as an ablation tool and has a very low probability of causing blood loss compared to other cutting instruments.

Surgical fractal

Features and benefits

Light Arm

Super light articulated arm.

5 pulse modes

For different medical applications

Control on Scanner

Easier and faster settings change

RF Tube Sealed

The most CO2 stable technology.

Linear and Random Emissions

To minimize possible side effects