High-end CO2 laser


The CO2 Laser Platform Reinvented

Fractal redefines the possibilities with over 100 indications across various medical disciplines, from dermatology and plastic surgery to gynecology.Excision, incision, ablation, coagulation, and soft tissue resurfacing. Fractal achieves a vaporization of the superficial tissue and according to the parameterization, it also stimulates the fibroblasts, resulting in a redensification of the dermis.

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Technology RF Metal Tube

The laser is produced by an advanced RF cavity system that guarantees:

Less recovery time

The thermal damage is even and balanced.

3x times lifespan

Compared to other CO2 lasers, proving many years of non stop.

Maintenance free

It use integrated air cooling instead of water cooling

Consistent results

The energy is stable during the whole lifespan, avoiding inconsistency.


High precision scanner with high speed technology and 7 patterns for face, body, or intimate zone.

fractal figuras

aestetic fractal


3 hand pieces for different surgery needs. From high precision blepharoplasty, to tissue cutting or neoplasia removal.

It presents high precision when used as an ablation tool and has a very low probability of causing blood loss compared to other cutting instruments.


The vaginal set includes a wide variety of accessories to treat the female intimate area. Speculum, 90° and 360° reflectors.

Some conditions that can be treated:

- Vaginal atrophy after menopause or cancer treatments.
- Vaginal dryness or itching
- Painful intercourse
- Vaginal laxity or looseness

ractal gine

Features and benefits

Light Arm

Super light articulated arm.

5 pulse modes

For different medical applications

Control on Scanner

Easier and faster settings change