Chronos RF

Advanced RF Microneedling

Chronos RF

A New Dimension in RF Microneedling

Chronos RF is a new generation of Radiofrequency with cutting-edge technology. The dual modality based on Microneedling and Fractional, offer an unparallel treatments experience with three-dimensional results.

chronos rf
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DermaDeep Applicator

Stimulates the creation of new collagen and a marked improvement in the appearance and texture of the skin.

It is equipped with needles that deliver radiofrequency pulses at adjustable depths from 0.4 to 4 mm.

Without pain

Ultra-fine gold-plated tips and a Vacumshoot© suction system that is activated with each pulse, ensure a painless treatment without sacrificing results.

All Zones

Four tips with 18 to 81 needles that allow you to treat a wide range of facial and body areas, personalized according to need.

Facial Bipolo

In this mode, all the needles emit positive energy to create a return with the patient’s skin, achieving a deeper thermal effect ideal for body treatments.

Corporal Monopolo

In this mode the energy is concentrated at the tips of the needles, remaining at a superficial level, being more effective for facial treatments.


DermaTouch Applicator​

It stimulates the growth of new collagen and resurfaces the skin by delivering RF energy in a fractional, needle-free manner through a series of multi-electrode pins.

Cryo Applicator

Its Cryo cooling head can be applied before or after treatment. This reduces sensitivity, produces an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces post-treatment redness and pain.


Features and benefits

Dimensional Rejuvenation

The Advanced RF Microneedling system, known as Chronos RF, offers dimensional rejuvenation through its dual modality and cutting-edge technology.

Multiple Applicators

The system includes multiple applicators, allowing for versatile treatment options on both facial and body areas.

Painless Treatment

The Advanced RF Microneedling system ensures a painless treatment experience with ultra-fine gold-plated tips and a Vacumshoot© suction system that is activated with each pulse.