Flexible payment plans

Flexible payment plans

Investing in new equipment is a must for any aesthetic practice wanting to stay up to date.

Leasing allows you to offer the latest in aesthetic technologies whilst spreading the investment cost over time in a manageable and tax efficient payment plan. Often owners are able to create a cash positive positions from day one.

How finance works?

Our finance partner will set your rate, monthly payment and time terms, based in your credit score.

Asset leasing provides

Fixed monthly payments

Allows you to manage cash flow over an agreed term.

No major upfront costs

No additional payments

Tax efficiency

Your monthly payments are a business expense and 100% allowable against your tax.

Only fixed term agreements

No expensive end of term payments

Our finance partners provide fixed term agreements, meaning you have the choice to take title of the equipment for a nominal fee (equal to 1 months payment) at the end of the term, or you can upgrade to new equipment and start a new plan.

Flexible payment plans

Low Rates

From 4½ % (qualified borrowers)

3 to 5 Years Terms

Choose which suits your business best