Prisma Q-Switch

Unparalleled Versatility

Prisma Q-Switch

Versatile Q-Switched Long Pulse Laser

Prisma is a powerful Nd:YAG laser with Q-Switch picosecond and Long Pulse modes in one elegant system. With Genesis triple pulse technology up to 2400mj, an extraordinary ultra-short pulse of 2000 picoseconds and fractional technology, Prisma is unmatched in its versatility to treat a wide range of dermo-aesthetic indications.

Prisma Q-Switch
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Prisma Q-Switch long pulse

Long Pulse

The advanced Long Pulse mode emits energy up to 300us wide, generating an extensive thermal effect on the skin. Treats vascular lesions, onychomycosis, open pores and active acne.

Genesis Mode

Genesis is a Triple Pulse technology that disperses laser energy into three consecutive pulses, mitigating peak power while delivering high energy of up to 2.4J per pulse, so it can be distributed evenly without causing injury.

It is ideal for non-ablative rejuvenation, and especially versatile in dark skin.

It stimulates collagen, constricts blood vessels and reduces redness such as rosacea. It also eliminates bacterias, reducing acne breakouts.

Genesis Mode
Picoseconds Effective

Picoseconds Effective

It is the most effective method to eliminate natural or artificial pigmentation, minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding tissues.
Its Q-Switch laser generates ultra-short pulses of 2000 Picoseconds, which produces better pigment fragmentation and more efficient particle swallowing than conventional Q-Switches.

Fractional Technology

Fractional handpiece for rejuvenation. Its collagen regenerative action is similar to the CO2 laser but without ablative effect. It can be applied both, superficially or causing effect on deeper layers.

Fractal prisma

Features and benefits

Comfort during treatment

Thanks to a comfortable, easy-to-use and precise articulated arm with no resistance in mobility.

Whole and fractional pulses

It is possible to modify the pulse emission and fractionate it to make 2 sub-pulses, leaving an ultra-short time between pulses, without being perceptible.

High energy loading and unloading capacity