The lightest confidence on the market


High Definition Ultrasound

Visualis is a new 10-14 Mhz linear color portable ultrasound machine, the lightest on the market. It allows you to do ultrasound anytime and anywhere. It is designed to provide a detailed image of the superficial anatomy with your smartphone or tablet.

Visualis quality
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Visualis Enhanced

Sharp, Detailed Images Anywhere

Visualis portable ultrasound scanner is a novel 10-14Mhz color linear ultrasound with 8 cm depth. It puts the power and image quality of larger, more expensive systems into an affordable device that fits in a pocket.

Diagnose and guide your procedures

Our Visualis linear scanner provides high-definition images of surface structures such as the musculoskeletal system, eyes, nerves, blood vessels, thyroid, thorax, breasts, and lungs in adult and pediatric patients.

It also allows injections and other invasive procedures to be performed safely.

Visualis is ideal for Aesthetic Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Traumatology, Anesthesiology, Oncology, Ophthalmology and other specialties that require images of superficial structures.

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Confidence and security
in only 0.46lb

You can take it anywhere to perform ultrasound scans at any time and on any patient. It is designed to provide a detailed image of the superficial anatomy via your smartphone or tablet.

Features and benefits

Ultra light

Only 0.46lb (210grs.) free from fatigue, like a feather

Wireless charging

Charge it with any charger wireless mobile or a cable.

High definition

Its technology allows you to choose between different preset settings for getting a high definition image. Change modes, pinch to zoom, or use its external button to change the gain.

Wireless Freedom

Focus on scanning your patient without cables in the way, with a stable connection. Visualis uses WI-FI direct to connect to the app on your smart device without the need for the Internet.