Multishape II

Body Contouring

Multishape II: The most complete and effective deep therapy body contouring and skin tightening system.

Multishape II is the evolution of the slimming and skin tightening technologies through the combination of the traditional endermology (no body suit), rollers and suction, and others like focused RF, focused LED, infrared, and the big deal breaker… Cavitation, but a safe and very effective Cavitation: the special concave and light handpiece brings the skin to the ultrasound keeping bones and other organs safe, while completely exposing the fat to the effect.

The heavy handpieces and exhausting treatments are a thing of the past, achieve the best penetration for immediate results, provide the best lymphatic drainage for quick fat dissolution and release, sculpt beautiful bodies with reduction, lifting, skin tightening and elimination of cellulite.

Have the great advantage to offer comfortable and very effective treatments without burning, bruising or damaging the skin, do a whole treatment with beautiful integral results. Go for a Multishape.

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Features and benefits

Dual Mode

IPL and FDS mode for high demanding hair removal business

Wide Filters Spectrum

5 filter for wider treatment options. Double lawyer for better wavelength definition.

Faster ROI

The unit low cost and high demanded treatments make the unit an ideal option for faster ROI

1 or 2 Hand Pieces

The second optional hand piece is used for super fast removal treatment with FDS pulses.

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Treatment Principle