Optimal and safe laser hair removal system


High power diode laser hair removal platform

The new TRIO is a high power diode laser platform, equipped with triple wavelengths and a larger spot size handle. TRIO adopts Ultra Short Pulse and High Peak Power, delivering short pulses to destroy hair follicle with lightning speed. The patented design of the dual cooling motor allows long-lasting work, protects the skin surface from the risk of burns and makes the treatment incomparably comfortable and practically painless.

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Trio wavelengths

3 wavelengths combined
Largest spot size

The new Trio handpiece combines a 755/810/1064nm wavelength in one handpiece. It releases triple wavelength lasers simultaneously to target different depths of the hair follicle. The benefit of 3 wavelengths is used for optimal coverage and penetration to achieve the ultimate hair removal result. The enlarged spot size allows for faster treatment and saves operators time.

Fast Mode

Removall Fast Mode is automated with clinically proven procedures to treat different parts of the body such as: arms, legs, feet, face, armpit, bikini, back and chest.

Free Mode

Free Mode is designed for those users who wish to explore all the treatment possibilities according to the needs of each patient, always obtaining the best results.

two bolt trio

High Power Peak System.

With its maximum power, Removall Trio offers Ultra Short Pulse to heat the follicle evenly to an optimal temperature, in a very short time and without heating the epidermis.

Features and benefits

1800W high power, ultra fast treatment

With 1800 W of high power, Coolite BOLT offers Ultra Short Pulse to evenly heat the hair follicle to an optimal temperature in a very short time without heating the epidermis. Provides maximum safety, comfort and efficiency without side effects.

Intuitive user interface with preset parameters

Quick mode is preset with clinically proven parameters for different parts of the body. Free mode is designed for professionals to choose precise parameters for different patients. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to operate.

Double-cooled motors, long-lasting operation

The powerful cooling engine and sapphire touch cooling system minimize the risk of burns to the skin's surface, while keeping heat deep within the dermis where hair follicles are treated. Dual cooling motor design allows the machine to work non-stop for 12 hours.

2 years, unlimited shots guarantee

The premium laser generator, which is anti-condensation, dust-proof and waterproof, offers 2-year unlimited shooting warranty. Reliable investment. Without consumables.

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